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pre school

Pre School               (37 months – 48 months)

Our preschooler program focuses on our children’s emerging skills and the use of language, math, and scientific thought, exploratory and understanding of their community.  Our learning centers encourage individual skills, and creative expression in art, music, writing, identifying letters, counting, sequencing, and 1 to 1 correspondence, examining, comparing and measuring.

Pre Kindergarten             (49 months – 60 months)

Our pre kindergarten program stimulates each child’s innate curiosity and exploratory nature to prepare children for lifelong learning.  Our children move to elementary school socially prepared, excited to learn and well versed in  language, math, science, social studies, measurements, critical thinking, problem solving, science, investigates properties, living things, technology, nutrition, health, visual & performing arts, music, classification, time, number problems, and creative writing. All the skills they’ll need to succeed.



Infants                         (2 months-12 months)

Our infants program encompass fun activities that help them build upon their cognitive, emotional, communication, fine & gross motor and social skills.  Your infant will practice rolling over, sitting and tummy time.  They will read, explore with art materials, dramatic play items, soft blocks, climbing mountains, puzzles, listening to music, putting their hands in sensory materials and even science experiments: watching water change colors. The infant program is designed to connect with each infant’s individuality while receiving nurturing and positive guidance.

Young Toddlers            (13 months- 24 months)

Our inquisitive young toddlers program has well planned, engaging and fun learning activities in small groups as well as self directed. Understanding words, reading, singing, socializing, encounters, math, nesting, science, hand & feet coordination, self help skills and music is what your young toddler will experience.


Older Toddlers            (25 months- 36 months)

An older toddler learning experiences are planned to promote each toddler’s growing independence, to enhance social skills and to build the confidence needed to reach their individual potential and prepare them for preschool and beyond.  Language, engaging in conversation, sorting, patterns, puzzles, nature of their community, dramatic play, art, reading, counting, singing, movement and music.

Our Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum provides a comprehensive planning and implementation of a developmentally appropriate program for your child.  Through exploration and discovery, each child receives ample opportunity to develop his or her natural curiosity and creativity.  The Creative curriculum is based on accepted theories of child development, the latest research on the importance of early learning and the development of the brain.  With small and large learning groups, portfolios that document your child’s growth and development, daily communication with our parents, assessments, and our educational program allows our teachers to create learning experiences that fits the needs and interests of each child.

This is the key to developing your child’s discoveries into a lifelong love of learning and academic success.

Discovery Place’s staff chooses to stay with us because…

Our staff are nurturers as well as educators. We work together to create a safe, warm and family oriented environment for each other and our children.  Discovery Place has high expectations of our staff and these staff has met those expectations. These professionals could teach at any early learning center; however they have chosen to stay at Discovery Place. Please meet our dedicated staff, who has made Discovery Place Preschool apart of their family for three or more years. Read why they have chosen to stay at Discovery Place….

View all of our teachers and staff here.

our parents

Are active participants in their child’s early learning experience at Discovery Place Preschool. Our parents are encouraged to participate in the variety of activities available at our centers. By our parents staying involved, they know what’s going on at our center and it allows us to build a sense of community for our children.  Our parents are welcome to visit our classrooms any time of the day because our doors are always open. Listen to our experts:


      We offer:

  • Parent Workshops
  • VIP Advisory committee
  • Parent Conferences
  • Parent newsletters
  • Parent volunteers
  • Parent referral program
  • Parent partnerships
  • Parent group activities
  • Fundraising
  • Parent Appreciation night

        And Much more…

 Meet our parents and become a part of the Discovery Place Preschool family

Our Centers

Discovery Place Preschools

are nurturing, high quality academic early learning centers. We understand a positive and respectful environment is crucial to the emotional well being of our children, parents and staff. We Follow very stringent regulations and quality standards.  We provide our children with a five star Kids Café, with a chef at each site who cooks three healthy meals a day.

We believe in providing a physical environment that is safe, clean, healthy and oriented to children.  Classrooms are arranged to offer challenging play and learning choices at a range of developmental levels. Our children receive swimming, music and little sports professional instruction.  Our total commitment is to provide a fun early learning experience for your child with results.

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