Infants                         (2 months-12 months)

Our infants program encompass fun activities that help them build upon their cognitive, emotional, communication, fine & gross motor and social skills.  Your infant will practice rolling over, sitting and tummy time.  They will read, explore with art materials, dramatic play items, soft blocks, climbing mountains, puzzles, listening to music, putting their hands in sensory materials and even science experiments: watching water change colors. The infant program is designed to connect with each infant’s individuality while receiving nurturing and positive guidance.

Young Toddlers            (13 months- 24 months)

Our inquisitive young toddlers program has well planned, engaging and fun learning activities in small groups as well as self directed. Understanding words, reading, singing, socializing, encounters, math, nesting, science, hand & feet coordination, self help skills and music is what your young toddler will experience.


Older Toddlers            (25 months- 36 months)

An older toddler learning experiences are planned to promote each toddler’s growing independence, to enhance social skills and to build the confidence needed to reach their individual potential and prepare them for preschool and beyond.  Language, engaging in conversation, sorting, patterns, puzzles, nature of their community, dramatic play, art, reading, counting, singing, movement and music.